Entry #1

Need music for flash games/8-bit/16-bit-style games? Let me know!

2009-12-29 23:57:09 by rightontargt4

So, I'm looking to do some music for some games. Not like, instrumental scoring with strings and stuff, but I can do original music for puzzle games, action games, adventure games, in the style of like, Mega Man, Sonic, Mario, etc. If you want anything, let me know! I am willing to work for free right now, and the two links below are musical projects of mine that showcase my experience in that particular music program. If you have anything you want me to do for you, email me at rightontargt4@yahoo.com. Let me know what kind of game it is, if you had an idea for the music you wanted, and anything else important. If I'm interested, I'll email you back.


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